My name is Habis and the desert is my home. It's a place where I was born, grew up and represents all aspects of my life. So, basically we could say I have the desert in my blood.

I've been working in tourism since childhood, I started by helping my brother and now doing on my own. When I started by my own about one year ago I only offered wild camping - nights sleeping under the stars, but I wanted to also give the possibility to chose a more comfortable option. That's why today I've just opened my bedouin camp, which is the bedouin experience with all the comfort. In this way, we can welcome all types of travellers : backpackers, adventurers, hikers, families, comfort addicts, snorers and more... Everyone is welcome to discover the desert with Wadi Rum Stillness.

I would encourage you to join and I will gladly show you all the beautiful places in the desert, focusing on sharing you how to live and breathe like a bedouin.

Our daily life is completely different of what you are used to, we live as nomads, connected with nature and its laws. So join us and with my team we will help you to discover the desert by the authentic way.

You can contact me anytime at info@wadirumstillness.com, and together we will plan your unforgettable experience.